Thursday, July 16, 2015

Penn Adds Transfers, and that's Good News

LB Colton Moskal

Why do I think Penn's addition of two FBS transfers, including one blue-chipper LB from Syracuse, is a good thing?

Because more big time transfers coming into the Ivies helps the entire league not only get more transfers, but also more blue chip recruits out of high school. Moves like this raise the stature of the league among the kids who are currently choosing between a big FBS program and an offer from an Ivy school.

Sure, it won't feel great if some other school's transfers smoke our team on the field on any given Saturday. But two can play at that game, and Columbia has high hopes on a transfer of our own in Skyler Mornhinweg this fall.

Ivy League football faces a lot of financial, cultural and generational challenges. Just look at all the empty seats at any given game if you need proof of that. The one thing that has the best chance of saving it and even increasing its stature on and off campus is more star players.

As a brand, Ivy League football just got a big boost from these transfers. Let's enjoy it and encourage this to happen more.

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Coach said...

Seeing plenty of "3's" committing to Harvard, Yale and Princeton. These are players being recruited by schools such as Syracuse, Vandy, and Virginia . There is a very large recruiting discrepancy between some programs in the Ivy League.