Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Turf

Director of Columbia Football Player Personnel Eric Hahn Tweeted out the above picture of the new Kraft Field turf looking more than half finished.

Is is just my imagination, or does it look like the beginnings of a midfield logo are in the picture?


I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

I don't know if there'll be a logo at midfield or not. I do notice, however, that the end zone art faithfully replicates that on t-shirts the Athletics Departmsnt sells. Cross-marketing is clearly here to stay.

oldlion said...

Logo went on today.

alawicius said...

Your imagination, Jake. But if there is a mid-field logo, we all know what it will be, so not much suspense there. The end zone design suggests that our new uniforms will still have a lot of light blue. On the other hand, has anyone else seen what might be the new jerseys hanging in the lockers in the photo on Twitter? If so, huge change!