Monday, July 20, 2015

Never on a Friday

Lineup page from the 1934 Rose Bowl

Now that we know Columbia's Ivy League opener at Princeton will be played on Friday night October 2nd, it begs the question: Has Columbia Football ever played a game on a day that was not Saturday before?

We know the answer has been "yes," on at least two occasions.

1) The Rose Bowl game that Columbia won on New Year's Day 1934 was played on a Monday.

2) Columbia's re-scheduled 2001 season finale, (the game was postponed because of the 9/11 attacks), was played on a Thanksgiving Thursday at Fordham.

Now I would assume that there were some games the Lions played before 1900 that are likely to have been on weekdays. But any way you look at it, this is a rare event in Columbia history.

UPDATE: One smart Columbia fan has informed me that he has found another non-Saturday game. The October 29, 1891 contest between the Lions and Rutgers was on a Thursday.

Uniforms Unveiled Soon?

During the spring, reports said we would get our first look at the new Lion uniforms in July. With 11 days left to go in the month, I suspect some fans are getting very eager to see them.

The best bet to see the new look first will be to keep returning to the Columbia Football Instagram account.

UPDATE: The players have been told that their new uniforms will be hanging in the lockers on the day they report back to Columbia for training camp on August 10th. But we may see those uniforms before then.


Chen1982 said...

Who do people think will be the QB for this game?

Jake said...

From what I'm hearing, Skyler Mornhinweg is really impressing his teammates in their summer workouts. I think he's our man at QB this year with Anders Hill in the rotation a bit as has been Bagnoli and McLaughlin's custom at Penn.

oldlion said...

I have the same report on Mornhinweg and Hill. I also hear that although Nottingham is back he had burned a lot of bridges with his teammates before he left the team.

Chen1982 said...

Who'd have thought that a four star recruit for Stanford would transfer to Columbia and be number three?!

alswingman said...

Great news about Mornhinweg. It's about time we had a leader at that position who can play.