Thursday, July 16, 2015

UPDATE: Munsil plans to walk on

Matt Munsil grabs a pass

On Monday, I wrote about former Arizona small schools player of the year Matt Munsil being accepted to Columbia via regular admission and speculated about whether he might try to walk on to the football team, baseball team, or both.

Based on Tweets since then from his father and others, I now can report that Munsil does intend to walk on to the football team and attend training camp next month.


oldlion said...

Jake, according to the news article from 2013 he had Ivy and DIII interest but was waiting for something better to come along. Not sure how that cuts.

Anonymous said...

RIP to one of the great minds of the game Bill Arnsparger. Notable to Columbia fans for his mentoring of Pete Mangrurian (at LSU). In fact, Pete brought him on as consultant/asst coach at Cornell.

Long live the No Name Defense and Killer Bs.