Thursday, July 9, 2015

Roster Updated

The football roster has now been updated to include the names and bios of the incoming freshmen and transfers, (although walk-ons like Jake Young are not on the roster yet).

It does not appear that player weights have been updated yet.


Chen1982 said...

So. Interested in taking the pulse of the readership here based on what we now know of the roster...

...which games do people think we can win this coming year? Wagner? Cornell? Other?

oldlion said...

I think it is impossible to make any predictions on wins and losses. However, based on his track record Bags will have a team which will play hard. And we have a few wild cards back on the roster who can be difference makers.

DOC said...

Absolutely agree that predictions are idle speculation at this point .
Having said that Nostradamus sees wins over the two teams you mention Chen, as well as a thrilling overtime upset over Penn in front of a packed house at Wien Stadium !

Big Dawg said...

I'll be delighted with anything more than 1-9. And OK with 1-9, And OK with 0-10 if the team plays their games with class and guts.
This is a total re-invention of Lion football, and it isn't happening in 1 season.

Chen1982 said...

Hey, at my age I can't predict if I wake up tomorrow.

Thanks DOC! Come on guys, has years of soft tentative coaching made you all the same!?

I have to imagine that superior management will have this team overachieve in the first year relative to what it was able to do last season. That should mean a win over Cornell who have no inspired leadership.

Can't see winning in Hanover or Princeton or new haven. Fordham is semi pro, no way.

Wagner beat up Georgetown last year so maybe the second most likely win is the Hoyas?

As to Penn, well wouldn't that be grand. My ticket is booked from HK for the right to witness this. I think we play them tight and give the crowd a lot to cheer about. But not sure we have enough to win Wild card will be whether Bags can outsmart his long time assistant!

Coach said...

Bagnoli has more wins than any Ivy Coach in the last 25 years. Can't win one or two games? C'mon.

Anonymous said...

G-town beat Brown convincingly last season and played very well defensively before yielding to a few much stronger teams. I see the Hoya program as on the upswing. That is not going to be an easy game even if Columbia is playing well going in, they will have to earn it.