Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Busy Day

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Homer, Plato, and PAIN!

Yesterday was another day with lots of news, so again let me go with outline form to get it all in:

Opponents Watch

-Week one opponent Marist fell to Bucknell last night by a score of 19-17. The game was at Marist. Bucknell was picked to come in last in the Patriot League this year, but Marist's QB Chuckie Looney was stellar again going 25-29 for 309 yards, two TD's and just one INT on a Hail Mary. The Red Foxes also covered the +3 point spread.

-Week two opponent Fordham also exceeded expectations, (they were 20+ point underdogs), in a 28-15 loss at Villanova. Villanova was picked to come in 8th in the 11-team CAA this year, but the Rams still looked very good at times. Once again, Fordham used a two-QB system and it worked well for much of the game. But look for running QB Michael Nebrich, (he had 107 yards rushing and went 8-11 passing), to grab a bigger role in the coming weeks.

-Week four opponent Lehigh slammed Central Connecticut State, 35-14. Lehigh's offense would have scored much more had it not been for a bevvy of turnovers.

Media Day

-Columbia held its media day on the Morningside Campus, and it led to some great "optics" as we say, (see the pic of the defensive linemen above). I feel like it's been decades since we've featured pictures of the team on our actual academic campus. This was a great move.

-The highlight of media day was the naming of nine total captain, two from each class except three from the freshmen:

Seniors: Sean Brackett and Ryan Murphy

Juniors: Zach Olinger and Hamilton Garner 

Sophomores: Steven Silvio and Augie Braddock

Freshmen: Trevor McDonagh, Brandon Blackshear, and Kevin McCarthy

And below, you can see the brief interviews with Brackett, Murphy, Seyi Adebayo and Josh Martin:


oldlion said...

Of the three freshman captains, two are DBs and the third is the QB. Perhaps a hint on the two deep and the backup QB. Also interesting to see a slimmed down Silvio as a captain, for the sophomore class. Coaches must see something there.

Anonymous said...

The YouTube interviews were fluff, most with the same uninteresting questions.
The host was unidentified, the mic too far from the players for good sound.

Anonymous said...

Two captains from the same high school in Alabama--says something about the excellent quality of high school football in that state and why we should be vigorously recruiting there.

McCarthy and Blackshear were very impressive on film--tremendous athletes who can hit. Glad to see freshman quarterback McDonagh named captain--that probably means he's ready to see some playing time this fall--it is important to have depth at the quarterback position.

Anonymous said...

Indeed you can describe the interviews as "Fluff," but they are better than nothing and that is what we have had in the past. I assume that eventually Coach Mangurian will spearhead a huge upgrade in the athletic department & media coverage of Columbia Football, but first he has to concentrate, of course,on winning games. Go Lions!

Anonymous said...

Jake, thanks for all the long hours, tireless effort and honest analysis you provide to us on this blog. I will continue to follow this for years to come. I think this team will be well prepared for each and every game and ready to execute on every play. I really like the communication the head coach has provided since he has taken command. In my opinion I believe he will have every player, playing at a higher level.

After all; leadership is all about leading and so far the head coach has exemplified this. Looking forward to next Saturday, I already hear the Roar.

oldlion said...

I missed the live tweet the other day. Does anybody have any insights about the issue of our downsized OL? I'm curious about our short yardage packages, and how an OL averaging 260 or so is going to open up holes in the run game. Of course, our OL last year at around 290 didn't do much for the run game either. But I have a lot of confidence in this staff and its ability to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Was there a caption on the pic identifying each player?
It seems FB is catching up with other sports (Dalen Cuff has done many videos about a variety of them)).

Anonymous said...

One answer from Pete: We are more interested in lean mass than bodyweight.

DOC said...

Exactly! Watch the service academies run the ball- Army and Navy in particular. They rely on quickness, athleticism, misdirection, and good communication. People, WE CAN do this!