Thursday, September 20, 2012

Waiting Game

As of 5:42 this morning, we still don't have the Columbia game notes or the lines for this weekend's Ivy games.

I expect both to be out sometime today.

Of course, the big question is whether senior DL Seyi Adebayo will play on Saturday after his injury last week. As good and deep as the Lion front seven is, the defense definitely loses something without him.

As for the betting lines, the folks on the Cayman Islands better hurry up because Princeton hosts Georgetown FRIDAY NIGHT... so time's running out.

More on Fordham 

The more you look at Fordham, the more you realize that Cornell could have easily won that game in the Bronx last Saturday if the Big Red had a least a semblance of a running attack.

The Rams seem to have a tendency to give up big running plays, or at least they did against Villanova the previous week. If this is the result of the fact that Fordham's defense is a little TOO big, then the speed and conditioning of the Lions offense could really cash in.

It's just something to think about...


oldlion said...

Why the negativity on our chances against Fordham? I like our front seven, expect to see corrections in our DBs on coverage, and Brackett will have a big game.

LionEsq said...

Just found your blog, Jake. Nice job, and thanks for the effort! I have a question about the Marist game that may have implications for the future. At the end of the first half, down by 3, CU got the ball with 1:49 on the clock. Instead of the two minute drill, they ran out the clock with running plays and headed to the locker room. I was surprised at the lack of aggressiveness in the choice and, perhaps, a lack of confidence or preparation in the offense. Isn't it a no- brainer to go down field at the end of the half, when you're not facing a big physical disadvantage?
Other thing I noticed is that Brackett's tendency to overthrow receivers, which arose last season for the first time, continues. Wondering why?

Anonymous said...

Fordham beat a good Cornell team and hung around vs. Villanova. This will be a tough test for us and the offense will have play a lot better for us to win.

oldlion said...

I do not think that Brackett is overthrowing his receivers. What is happening is that his receivers sometimes give up on the play and slow down. The great Gross catch was an example of what happens when a receiver stays with the play. The coaches need to drum into our guys the importance of continuing to go full tilt.

PS, game notes are out.
Adebayo is shown as starting.

Anonymous said...

Look's like the roster notes are from last week vs. Marist.

Jake said...

The athletic dept says these are the right game notes, just the wrong title on top. So Adebayo I guess is a go!