Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game Day Quick Hitters

Caraun Reid had a standout game in the loss for Princeton

About six-and-a-half hours to kickoff, and here's what's new:

-Today's weather in NYC will be warmer than the previous few days, but not unbearably hot. The high should be about 80 degrees. Rain is not expected until late tonight.

-Once again, the GW Bridge will be closing three NJ-bound lanes until 10am today. That usually snarls traffic on a number of other roadways including my beloved Harlem River Drive, the decent Major Deegan Expressway, the Bruckner Expressway and the West Side HWY/Henry Hudson Parkway. These tie-ups often last until a few hours AFTER the GW lanes are re-opened. You'll need to give yourself some extra time to get to the game if you plan to take any of these roadways today.

P.U., literally

-Princeton and Georgetown both looked pretty awful in the Hoyas 21-20 win over the Tigers last night. Much of the blame for the loss will fall on freshman kicker Nolan Bieck, who missed three FG's and had  PAT blocked. Remember, Princeton had the great Patrick Jacob as their kicker for the last few years before he graduated and they really miss him.

-I was impressed by Tiger freshman RB DiAndre Atwater, who came into the game in the second quarter and finished with 92 yards on 15 carries including a 53 yard TD.

-As for Georgetown, it was surreal watching a different team run former CU offensive coordinator Vinny Marino's offense. It really looked a lot like the Columbia offense circa 2009. There were a lot of QB draws, those awkward handoffs where the QB and the RB almost look like they're hugging, and some good plays too. Credit the Hoyas for their game-winning drive that started on their 12, and aided by a roughing the passer penalty, ended up going 72 yards and grinding up more than five minutes of the clock before the game winning FG. Another key play was an option toss on 4th and 3 from the Princeton 48 that went for six yards.

-Tiger Head Coach Bob Surace is now 2-20 at Princeton and the Tigers have lost nine in a row.

-Looking to the Columbia-Princeton next week here in New York, it certainly doesn't look like the Tigers have much of a passing game, and the Princeton defense has weaknesses on the edges. Bottom line, the Tigers need better QB play.


Anonymous said...

I thought Princeton and Georgetown was very poorly played. Not impressed with either team. Columbia played a frustrating game today. SB continues to be inaccurate and inefficient, but a lot of good things, too. Fordham is much better than in recent memory, and their victory vs. Cornell looks pretty good after today's action. We're not a contender, but we should win some more games this year.

doc/jock said...

Think about it. The difference was that their RB # 21 got free for a 91 yard TD and our RB #23 got free and was caught from behind and we got NOO!! points from a great effort on his part.
The bottom lime is poor passing accuracy !!

Anonymous said...

Missed opportunities in a fairly evenly matched game. Once again we need better play from QB. Our boys afforded themselves well against a much bigger full scholarship program. OC needs to open things up a bit; too many run, run, pass series. Garrett was a beast. Looking forward to next week as we continue to improve.