Saturday, September 15, 2012

Finally Here...

The 299-day wait is over.

Columbia football finally kicks off at 12:30 today.

Here are some updates from around web:

-Sean Brackett tweeted this message last night: "Gunna be a GREAT day tomorrow"

-My take on "The Grand Experiment" and how important it is for the health of all young football players is getting some notice. This chat board for sports journalists agrees with the key health issues, even if the original poster is being snarky and nasty about Columbia football.

-This will be one of those rare times in history when two Ivy teams will be playing in New York City at the same time, but not against each other! While the Lions take on Marist at Wien Stadium, Cornell will be just a few miles north at Jack Coffey Field playing Fordham.


Anonymous said...

Interesting game. Running game impressive, Brackett not. Were we pulling our punches until later in the season? No option and very little running by Brackett.

Can anyone who has played tell me when corners are taught to turn and look for the ball on long sideline passes? We never turned around even thought we were with Marist's receivers step for step.

Lastly, what was the penalty on which Marist forfeited the ball on 4th down deep in their territory that led to our field goal?

-Dr. V

oldlion said...

When I played HS DB a hundred years ago the one thing that was drilled into my head was to turn and look for the ball, especially when you are guarding on the out pattern. Four balls were caught which should have been broken up. Otherwise, the front seven played well, especially Olinger and Martin. On offense, Gross is going to be a big time receiver but needs to avoid slowing down on the deep ball. One of his catches was just excellent. Brackett looked very rusty and needs to be unshackled. He took a few sacks and threw some poor balls. He should be throwing on the run and not in the pocket.

oldlion said...

Dr. V, the Marist punter put his knee on the ground after he picked up the snap. That made it a dead ball.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I thought the announcer or someone near me said there was a procedure penalty, which made the turn of events a real puzzle.