Monday, September 3, 2012

Wrapping it Up

Time for a short break

Full training camp winds down today, wisely so since classes begin tomorrow.

There will be a final practice tonight before a more regular in-season schedule begins.

This will be an exceptionally tough week on the freshmen, who will have to contend with Ivy League academics and football at the same time for the first time in their lives.

For the young men coming from the top prep schools and Catholic academies, this transition is often a little easier than it is for the rest of the guys. Of course there are a lot of exceptions.

But it's also a great time when the players finally get the full chance to interact with their non-athlete classmates and professors. It's a time when most of the put their best foot forward.

Adams Signs with Bengals

Jeff Adams '12, didn't make the final cut with the Dallas Cowboys, (a late trade Dallas made for some more O-linemen sealed his fate), but he has been signed by the Cincinnati Bengals and assigned to the practice squad.

At the very least, Cincinnati is a little closer to his hometown in Illinois. We'll be watching to see if he moves onto the roster anytime soon.

UTSA Looks Good

If UT San Antonio transfer Jake Wanamaker was good enough to play for their varsity last season and make an impact, (and he was and he did), then there's more evidence he will be a starting WR for the Lions this season.

That evidence comes from the way his former team looked in a 33-31 win over the University of South Alabama. I saw the final moments of the game on ESPNU this morning, (on tape of course), and the game was clearly played at a VERY high level for FCS football. It really looked like BCS ball most of the way. UTSA won the game on 51-yard FG that had room to spare.



RedTiger61 said...

When do the game notes come out for the Lions ? ... any word on who's looking good from camp so far ? .... I bet that the starting day lineup will have 2-3 freshman starting on defense and possibly 1-3 on offense (excluding Wanamaker), any takers ??? ...

oldlion said...

We usually do not see game notes with the two deep until the Wednesday or Thursday before game day.