Friday, September 28, 2012

Cat Fight

Princeton Tigers at Columbia Lions

September 29, 2012

Location: Robert K. Kraft Field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium at the Baker Athletics Complex

Kickoff Time: 12:30pm

Gametime Weather Forecast: 65 degrees, partly cloudy

The Spread: Columbia is favored by 1 point

Here's my guide to getting to 2012 Columbia home games

**REMEMBER** The #1 subway train WILL be running tomorrow! 


You can get free audio and fee-based video on the SideLion Pass SideLion Pass. Jerry Recco and Sal Licata have the call. 

The student station broadcast is on WKCR at 89.9 on your FM dial.

Lead Stories

Both teams have a lot to prove. 

Princeton's only win of 2011 was a squeaker over Columbia at Princeton Stadium and the Lions want revenge. Both of these teams are expected to finish at the bottom of the Ivies until they prove otherwise. so the loser can count on major disrespect the rest of the season.

Columbia wants to prove that it's way too talented and way too better coached this season to lose at home to Princeton. The Tigers' third-year Head Coach Bob Surace, (2-20 overall W-l record at PU), is fighting for his job. I actually think that if Princeton loses tomorrow, Surace is as good as fired at the end of the season. 

Before the 24-21 loss to the Tigers last year, the Lions smoked Princeton in '09 and '10 by scores of 38-0 and 42-14 respectively. That 38-0 win in 2009 is what sealed former Princeton Head Coach Roger Hughes' fate, (a move I am sure the school regrets now, especially since he rallied the team to two big wins to end that season). The 42-14 win in 2010 established Lion QB Sean Brackett as a legitimate star as he tossed five TD passes. 

Columbia's Three Keys to Victory

1) Stop Leaving Points on the Field

While everyone is focused on Brackett's low completion rate, that's only one of the reasons why Columbia has come away empty handed from far too many trips into the Red Zone. There have been fumbles and dropped passes, plus the occasional mis-run route. All of that has to go away if the Lions want to get winning.

2) Establish the Running Game

 Columbia's running attack is for real this year with Marcorus Garrett well ahead of a 1,000-yard pace after two games. Even if he doesn't run for 100 yards, Garrett still needs to do well enough to make Princeton at least guard against the run and avoid allowing the Tigers to key in on Brackett and knock his head off. Princeton still has a very good overall defense that will only look better if it doesn't have to worry about the run. 

3) Make the QB's Beat You

The Lions need to halt the spotty Princeton running game and freshman bright spot DiAndre Atwater in order to put the game on the shoulders on the even spottier Tiger passing game. Neither one of Princeton's two top QB's seem to have what it takes to lead the team to a win on their own. 


oldlion said...

Princeton has a lot of size on the DL. Interesting to see how the coaches game plan to neutralize the size advantage.

DOC said...

I'd hope for option plays as well as runs that go "outside the tackle box"

Anonymous said...

Good kcr interview with Mangurian about Marist, Fordham, Princeton.

oldlion said...

Missed the interview. What did Coach say?

Anonymous said...


InwoodTiger said...

I agree. If Princeton loses, there will be a coaching change. The alumni are getting restless.