Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend Lines

WARNING: I don't condone sports betting!

I'll post my picks for this weekend's games on Friday, but here are the betting lines for all eight games with Ivy teams this Saturday:

(*Again, I just want to clarify that I HATE sports betting, but I do like to talk about the spreads and what they may mean. This is truly just for entertainment purposes).  

Columbia -2 1/2 vs. Marist

Harvard -23 vs. San Diego

Lehigh -29 vs. Princeton

Georgetown -3 vs. Yale

Brown -3 at Holy Cross

Cornell -7 at Fordham

Lafayette -7 vs. Penn

Dartmouth -14 vs. Butler

More Two Deeps

Penn's game notes are now out and there are really no surprises except maybe that sophomore Mike Schmall is getting the start at one of the DE positions.

Schmall is the only non-Junior or senior to get a start.

Princeton's game notes came out earlier this week and Head Coach Bob Surace is doing that thing I hate with the QB position: not naming a starter. He's listing sophomores Quinn Epperly OR Connor Michelsen as the starter.

Remember, the Columbia two-deep is scheduled to be released TONIGHT.


Anonymous said...

If you were really a Vegas house, you'd probably have an "OFF" line for the Harvard game until we see who is still on the roster and who is off. I agree with your winners, but Columbia, Georegtown and Brown should be heavier favorites, and Dartmouth, Cornell and Lafayette should be lower favorites. Lehigh sounds about right.

Jake said...

You misunderstand, these are ACTUAL betting lines posted by an offshore sports book.

oldlion said...

Jake, Yale QB Whitelaw just quit over Reno's decision to start the freshman.

Anonymous said...

what did I hear today on WFAN about the "H" basketball team?

oldlion said...

Casey and Curry are apparently both implicated. One has apparently already withdrawn and the other may also do so. Two senior co captains, I believe.

RedTiger61 said...

Can you believe it .... 125 athletes could take a course with take-home exams and they have to cheat ... when do Harvard's games notes comme out ???

Jake said...

They're out on the Harvard site, NO real changes. BUT I think Zach Boden's absence from the 2-deep is suspicious. He figured to be the top backup r.b. if not a possible starter.