Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two-Deep Analysis

Scott Ward Overcame a lot to reclaim his starting role

Let's get right to the headlines in the wake of the last night's two-deep release.


-What I'm going to call "The Grand Experiment" is truly on: the Lions are taking the radical step of starting a very light offensive line. The average weight of the starting O-lineman is just 255 pounds. That includes a starting RG in Eric Stock who goes at just 227 and was a D-lineman last year. The average weight of our starting right guard and right tackle is just 240 pounds.

-This is a bold strategy that should make the rest of the college football world sit up and take notice, especially if it works. It's our own version of "Money Ball." I predict that if it does work, it won't be long before the copycats will be here.

-There is indeed a freshman starter on the line, left guard Keith Ramljak. Billy Lawrence is the only other freshman O-lineman to crack the two-deep. He is listed #2 at boht RT and LT.

-Despite not being invited to the first part of training camp, 2011 All-Ivy Scott Ward is listed as a starter, but at a new position: left tackle. A lot will be riding on his shoulders.

-Two of the starters, Jimmy Yukevich and Stock, are listed as the top backups at other positions.

Skill Positions

-Head Coach Pete Mangurian is going with a one halfback/one fullback set. Marcorus Garrett gets the tailback start backed up by FRESHMAN Mike Gerst, (not his older brother Nick). Sophomore captain Steven Silvio breaks onto the varsity with the varsity at FB with no one listed as his backup.

-Freshman phenom Isaiah Gross gets the start at WR position. Sophomore Connor Nelligan gets the other start. The top backups at WR are Louis DiNovo and Dan Slivka. I was surprised that transfer Jake Wanamaker did not crack the two-deep.

-As expected, 2011 All Ivy Hamilton Garner is the starting TE. He is backed up by freshman Nick Durham who I think will get a lot of playing time.


-There were fewer surprises on defense, but still lots of interesting moves. The starting DT's are Shad Sommers and Greg Lee. Like the O-line, they're light for the position at 250 and 238 respectively. Wells Childress and Nick Melka are the backups and should get a lot of action.

-We expected Brian DeVeau to be one starting corner, but sophomore Malcom Thaxton is a new name getting the start at the other corner slot. Converted WR Augie Braddock starts at safety along with Marquel Carter. 

-There were no surprises in the special teams.


oldlion said...

What do you make of the fact that the OL has so many interchangeable parts in the two deep? Basically we have eight guys listed for the five interior positions. Also, how will we line up in short yardage with such a light OL? Can we expect to see a spread formation? And what happened to the plans to use an HBack? In any event, all of this is very exciting. And very surprising. Coach must see a lot of talent in that first year class.

Anonymous said...

Jake, the 2d RB is Mike, not Nick, Gerst.

Wonder who the punt and kick returners are.


Anonymous said...

Mike Gerst is listed on the two-deep, not Nick.

Our secondary is filled with outstanding athletes who have better speed and athleticsim than we have had in some time. All four of the starters played offense in high school and are capable of making big plays. The guys listed as back-ups are very talented as well.

Offensive line is new and impossible to figure exactly what Pete has planned, which makes things very exciting as we start the season. Obviously, the coaching staff has seen something it liked to move Keith R and Eric Stock into the starting lineup. The former was a standout high school player in California so his selection as a starter is not a surprise, but Stock is, as he played only defense last year. I suspectg he is a nasty blocker who will lead the way on those outside sweeps.

My next guess is that Coach Mangurian plans to use many more players than in the past, using numerous guys who are not listed on the the two-deep. For example, two of the players named as freshman captains are not even listed on the two-deeep, but are very likely to see action, if not against Marist, certainly later in the season.

Good Luck to our Lions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

On film, Bell, Reim, McCarthy, Patmon, Blackshear and two or three other freshmen all looked good returning kicks. The transfer, Wanamaker, can do it also. They are all speedsters so I'm going to be in my seat at kick-off.

Anonymous said...

In the literal meaning of the word, this will be an intriguing team, for a few games, at least.

Anonymous said...

Is Nick Gerst hurt? Does anyone know? I know the cheerleading got overheated for him last year, but he has been our best back the past two years.

Anonymous said...

Not hurt and if he was the best back I'm sure he would be playing.