Friday, September 7, 2012

Ready, Set, Ask!

Head Coach Pete Mangurian will hold a live online and Twitter chat tonight from 7-7:30pm Eastern.

You know the questions I'd like to see the coach answer:

1) When will you release the two-deep and will it be accurate unlike OTHER coaches where it isn’t even close?

2) Were you SERIOUS about the two-way players? Who are they?

3)  Explain the reasoning behind the massive weight loss goals you set for the guys. O-linemen lighter than 250 lbs?

4)  What was the biggest weakness that you saw in this program when you got here and have you fixed that problem?

Harvard Scandal Update

As many of us suspected, the class where 125 Harvard students are under suspicion of sharing final exam answers was indeed a course heavily attended by Crimson varsity athletes. 

We STILL don't know if any key football players are involved, but that is becoming more likely. We may not find out for sure until this time next week when the Harvard two-deep is released.

Stay tuned...

Marist Notes

Marist's game notes for the Red Foxes game against Bucknell tomorrow night feature a very big defensive front three. The average weight is 271 lbs. and the average height is about 6-3. The starting linebackers are all over 220 lbs. 

On offense, Marist's top weapon and best upgrade over last year, is a healthy running and gunning QB Chuckie Looney. Looney goes at just 5-10, but he's packed solid at 198 lbs. The offensive line average weight is 292 lbs. 

Getting back to messages from Mangurian, the coach tweeted early yesterday that the first bus for regular practice from campus to Baker Field will be at 4:45am once the Campbell Center is completed. Team meetings, lifting and other activities now held in the Dodge gym will then all be done at Campbell. That's a good development for convenience sake at least.

Game Lines

Week one opponent Marist is a three point underdog at home vs. Bucknell.

Week four opponent Lehigh is a 16 point favorite on the road against Central Connecticut State.

Week two opponent Fordham is a 22 point underdog at Villanova.

Other lines of note for Ivy fans:

-Bryant -4.5 at St. Francis, PA

-Georgetown -8 hosting Wagner

-Rhode Island -6.5 at Monmouth

-Lafayette +17.5 at William & Mary

-Albany -15 at Robert Morris

Future Schedules

The Ivy League Football media guide Ivy League Football Media Guide is now available. It is online only.

One highlight is the future schedules section and here are Columbia's announced 2013 and 2014 slates:

S21 at Fordham
S28   Monmouth
O5 at Princeton
O12   Lehigh
O19 Penn
O26 at Dartmouth
N2 at Yale
N9   Harvard
N16 at Cornell
N23   Brown

S20   Fordham
S27 at Albany
O4   Princeton
O11 at Monmouth
O18 at Penn
O25   Dartmouth
N1   Yale
N8 at Harvard
N15   Cornell
N22 at Brown

For those of you who are curious, Monmouth is one of those programs that has had a major upgrade in its football program in recent years and playing them will be a tough test. So will the return engagement back home next year against Lehigh and the long trip to play Albany in 2014.

Some of the other games around the league that caught my eye:

-Yale bringing back an old Ivy tradition of playing the service academies by scheduling Army for a home game on 9/27/2014. I hope that game is not replaced on the slate. 

-Harvard is opening its 2013 season on the road vs. U. San DIego! That's a long trip for the first game of the season, plus a short recovery period before a crucial game in week two at home against Brown.

-Princeton is doing the same thing by opening their 2014 season at USD. 

-Dartmouth resumes its rivalry with New Hampshire in 2014.

-Penn is hosting Jacksonville to start the 2014 season.

-Yale is going to Cal Poly in week three of the 2013 season. 


oldlion said...

Jake, I too have to admit to a large dose of schadenfreude regarding the cheating scandal at Harvard. But as Coach Pete would say, let's not worry about the other guy. Let's just concern ourselves with our program. What I want to know is how 250 pound OLs are going to knock 280 DLs off the line of scrimmage. My guess is that you will not be seeing many 2 TE power formations but more of a spread offense with zone blocking and three step drops in the passing game.

Anonymous said...

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lionrock said...

Another extraordinary blog by Pete--very smart man and what he says makes great sense.

Anonymous said...

why dont we play Holy Cross? I would like to see Pete against Tom. wouldnt it be great to see this settled on the field!