Tuesday, October 13, 2015

1988 Video Resurfaces!

The end of one bad streak deserves another.

At long last, here is the long lost video documenting the 1988 win over Princeton and the years that led up to it.

Just click here.

Some notes on the video:

1) The part depicting the final loss in the streak, a 24-10 contest at Penn, shows the late Solomon Johnson '91 getting hit on a deliberate helmet-to-helmet play where he fumbles at the goal line. Johnson was indeed concussed on that play and it's just the kind of targeting penalty the college refs would flag if the game were being played today. The score was 17-10 at that point and CU seemed certain to tie it up. Instead, Penn took that fumble and eventually got another TD. That game was actually televised nationally on ESPN.

2) Matt Fox '89 is in the video after all. He's the WR #80 who catches an apparent TD in the Princeton game only to have it called back when the refs said he stepped out of bounds.

3) Current Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett is the QB #17 for Penn in the game while his brother Judd is #40. The video makes sure to document just about every hit on the Garrett brothers as possible. The Garrett brothers transferred from Princeton to Columbia when their father Jim Garrett was hired as head coach in 1985. They transferred back to Princeton after he was fired. Princeton usually doesn't accept transfers, but exceptions are made for students who were originally enrolled there.

4) Princeton was picked in the preseason poll to win the Ivies in 1988. The loss basically ruined their season. Penn and Cornell ended up tying for the title, but Cornell handily won the head-to-head match up between the two teams.

5) Columbia alum and writer D. Keith Mano is featured in the video extolling the virtues of the 1987 freshman team. He was a mainstay at Lions games home and away for years until he finally tired of all the losing and took a break from the team in 1993. He briefly returned in 1996 to see the team close out its remarkable 8-2 season.

6) For all the light blue purists out there, note the very DARK BLUE uniforms the 1933-34 Lions are wearing in the Rose Bowl video! It's a shade much more like the current home uniform.


John Alex said...

I've always had this video, Jake. All you had to do was ask!

Jake said...

Ha! Well, I always figure Abba would have hit you up first.

Coach said...

You mention only 2 out of the 3 Garrett brothers. John was a three year starter for Columbia and also transferred to Princeton. He got his degree from Princeton while attending only one year.

Jake said...

John was long graduated by 1988.

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Nice yiu mentioned Mano. An awfully good novelist for about a 10-12 year stretch. A novelist of specifically Christian concerns, too (if often somewhat groslly depicted). He also managed for some time a family adhesives business in Queens, and also a go-go bar or some such. Wrote for Playboy and National Review. His name used to be regularly seen on football donors' lists, but not in several years. I've often wondered what became of him, used to think that we have to get back such devoted fans as he.

Coach said...

Correct, Jake- I just wanted to make the point that John Garrett received a Princeton degree having attended for one year. How did they manage that?