Saturday, October 24, 2015

Down on the Farm

-RB Tanner Thomas ran for 189 yards, including a 90 yard TD run in Farragut's 52-0 win over South-Doyle. 

-QB Matt Dame threw for 287 yards and four TD's in Suncoast's 36-31 win over Boynton Beach. 

-RB Alex Gibson had 56 yards on 13 carries in Central Bucks East's 19-7 win over Truman. 

-DT Alex Robin helped lead the Vestavia Hills defense to a dominating performance in a 15-7 win over Tuscaloosa County HS. 


Chen1982 said...

All these stats sound impressive. But how do we really calibrate for the level of competitiveness? I read all the impressive stats of prior incoming classes and they have not produced standouts at FCS level.

Jake said...

Some stats are more important than others ;)

Chen1982 said...

Lies, damn lies ... And statistics, eh?

oldlion said...

I hope that there is a big time WR who can stretch defenses and a big time corner who can lock down WRs in this group.