Monday, October 5, 2015

Ivy Power Rankings 10/5

After three weeks of games, we now have a better idea where everyone sits in the league

1.       Dartmouth

The Big Green looked a little sloppy in week one, but still blew out a slightly better than expected Georgetown team. Since then, they’ve slammed Sacred Heart and embarrassed Penn at Franklin Field. There are no discernable weaknesses right now.

2.       Harvard

The Crimson have no visible weaknesses either, but they haven’t posted as impressive a win as Dartmouth’s blow out of Penn.

3.       Yale

The Elis have some defensive weaknesses, but the offense is as good as any in the league. This weekend’s showdown at Dartmouth will tell us a lot about both teams.

4.       Princeton

Undefeated, but a far cry from the three teams ahead of them in the rankings. And the injury news is about to get worse.

5.       Penn

The Quaker defense was badly exposed by Dartmouth this past weekend. The win over Villanova is looking like a fluke due to key Wildcat injuries and the short week that led up to the game. The offense is improved, but that wasn’t where Penn really needed to improve.

6.       Cornell

I know they’re winless, but the Big Red have played extremely well on offense and could easily be 3-0 with a few big breaks. In a lot of ways, Cornell is the surprise team in the Ivies so far this year.

7.       Brown

A late comeback win over hapless Rhode Island is not enough to erase the disappointment surrounding this team right now. Time’s running out to turn it around.

8.       Columbia

The Lions are clearly improved, but they need the mental boost of a win to move up in these rankings. That could come this Saturday night vs. a reeling Wagner team. 


oldlion said...

Jake, which of the teams ranked above us in our listing would have held that Princeton team to 10 points or less? Or put another way, are we on the cusp of having a dominating defense with a tremendous DL?

Jake said...

The evidence is clear through the first three games that the team is improving week to week. Contrast this to the first year under the previous coach when we had an ugly win in week one, a missed opportunity loss in week two, and a total blowout embarrassment from Princeton at home in week 3.

We're getting better, but I need to see our defense in a better weather game before I can move up in the rankings.

That said, I'm extremely confident about Saturday night.

Roar Lion said...

Jake: Pete inherited a better roster and did less with it. A year ago we were manhandled in nine of 10 games and were clearly slower and weaker than our opponents. You can't teach speed but the difference in strength from a year ago is remarkable. Both lines are physical. As Oldlion says, we lack a playmaker (ie -speed) at WR and CB but otherwise, tremendous improvement. The streak ends soon.