Saturday, October 10, 2015

Game Night Open Thread

Comment here about tonight's game vs. Wagner. 


Chen1982 said...

Was not able to watch but saw the final score. A win. A solid win. Offense scored. Defense held.

But I await to hear the more complete picture!!!

Go Lions

Congrats team!

Thanks Al and Staff!!!

oldlion said...

Great atmosphere. Great defense. Brilliant gam plan. Continue to play tight defense and shorten the game in the second half by keeping it safe. Washington was not dressed, and Molina was knocked out with an illegal "targeting" hit. We will need both back for Penn.

Bob Barker said...

Great win by CU. The kids deserve it. Congrats CU family, long time coming! SALUTE! The D will keep CU on games! Bags getting it done!

Big Dawg said...

I am proud and gratified to count myself among the very few who have now personally witnessed the end of both our streaks. I was there for the Princeton win and now for this one.

We looked unbeatable in Q 1. We slowed down but still dominated in Q 2. The rest of the game was even, but our errors were equalled by Wagner's, and we caught a few breaks.

What made this the great experience it was, was the sight of our kids jumping up and down on the sidelines the last couple of minutes, and the crush of players, band, cheerleaders after the whistle. No goalposts came down this time, like with Princeton, but the fans went crazy.
I sat with a group of Jr/Sr player parents, and it was great to see their happiness.

Now for Penn.

Chen1982 said...

Were the QBs platooned again or was it Skyler the whole way?

Chen1982 said...

We come into homecoming with a convincing win and Penn comes in with two losses. Both of us were about the same place with Fordham through three quarters. Penn made it closer at home than we did on the road

They will be favoured but I cannot help but believe this is a winnable game!!!! It is our homecoming. Bagnoli is papa to Priore. The storyline is perfect. And I'm bloody well travelling a long distance to see this so please...please Lions....WIN!

oldlion said...

Skyler almost the whole way. Hill in for one series, completed a pass and then was stripped. Hill looked a little rusty.