Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 6 Picks

I had a schizophrenic week 5, going 6-1 straight up but a terrible 2-5 against the spread to bring my season totals to 18-9 straight up and 13-14 ATS.

Yale +13 at Dartmouth

This is the big one of the year so far. I think the Big Green will win but it will be closer than two scores.

Harvard -23 ½ at Cornell

The Big Red have reached a tipping point after losing three games they could easily have won. I think they’re going to tip over.

Colgate +7 ½ at Princeton

The injuries, some still not reported, are stacking up for the Tigers. I think Colgate will win this game.

Fordham -13 at Penn

The Quaker D will not be able to handle the Rams.

Holy Cross -7 ½ vs. Brown

The Crusaders under Head Coach Tom Gilmore are on a roll this year and Brown hasn’t impressed.

Georgetown +1 ½ over Lafayette

I like the Hoyas to bounce back after losing to Harvard and they will win this game.


oldlion said...

Jake, speaking as a fan and not as an analyst, from Columbia's standpoint what do you regard as the optimal outcome in every one of these games? What would you as a Columbia fan regard as a great weekend in terms of outcomes here? Or out another way, what best serves our interest? I for one always prefer to see the favorites lose, since it helps to shake things up. And as a general proposition, I love to see Harvard lose. I'm having a tough time with Dartmouth/Yale; I suppose I would like to see a 0-0 tie after overtime.

Jake said...

I think for Columbia the best result is when an upcoming opponent has a weakness exposed that we can capitalize on down the road. Penn showed a lot of those last week against Dartmouth. Brown has been exposed. But the season is still too young to be sure those problems will hold.

Roar Lion said...

Columbia beats Wagner is the only outcome that matters.

Rooting against Harvard is good for the soul, but there is only game and one outcome that matters this Saturday. If we play poorly vs. Wagner, as we did vs. Georgetown, no other result will improve our situation. We have to show that we can seize opportunity and actually win a football game.