Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Enjoy the "Specialness"

I'll have a full scouting report on Dartmouth tomorrow, but I really wanted to devote a post entirely to the Big Green's once-in-a-generation, or probably once-in-many-generations player they have in QB Dalyn Williams.

This Dartmouth team is more than just about Williams. He's simply the reason why the 2015 Big Green is a great team instead of just a good one. 

His stats are simply incredible and continue to generally improve. He almost never throws interceptions and is approaching an average of 300 yards passing per game. And his abilities as a runner are as good as they were when he came to Hanover touted as a running QB.

But this isn't about stats. Every once in a while, the Ivy League gets a player that you just know will make an impact in the NFL. Columbia had that with Marcellus Wiley 20 years ago. Harvard had that with Ryan Fitzpatrick about 10 years ago. Dartmouth had it 25 years ago with Jay Fiedler and now they have it again with Williams.

I think it would be a good move for any NFL team to draft Williams with a middle round pick. He's such a great overall athlete that he probably could be dangerous even if he's eventually switched to another position in the pros.

But if I were an NFL GM I'd draft and develop him as a QB. He's a little short for the position, but certainly taller than Doug Flutie and even more mobile. His arm is very strong and I think he could be deadly rolling out towards the sideline in a read option offense. I see a lot of positives and upside.

But for the next five weeks, a player many of us will probably soon describe as "legendary Dartmouth QB Dalyn Williams" will still be playing football. Columbia fans were robbed a bit last year when Williams was pulled from the entire game against the Lions to protect a minor injury he had suffered. I wouldn't be surprised if Williams is pulled from this game early since it is the week before the major showdown with Harvard, but I doubt he won't play for at least the first half and change. 

You don't have to stop being a Columbia fan for even a second to still appreciate Williams and his talents. And something tells me that sometime in the coming years, you won't even have to be an Ivy fan to watch him play every fall weekend.


oldlion said...

Frankly Jake, enjoy the specialness isn't quite what I have in mind. I hope he has a miserable day, gets sacked five times like the Fordham QB, throws three interceptions, and fumbles a few times as well.

DOC said...

Why were we able to enjoy that level of pressure from our OL
on our opening game , but not since then ?

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Christian Perez said...

Get outta here

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