Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boomer on the Lions and "The Season" Chronicles the Win


Columbia and Al Bagnoli were the subject of one of Boomer Esiason's CBS Sports Minutes yesterday. Check it out: 10-14 Boomer Esiason CBS Sports Minute On Columbia's Losing Streak

And make sure to check out the latest edition of WNYC's "The Season" 

One note on the podcast, there's a point where the question is asked: "why didn't Columbia do something like this sooner?"
While I know the fullest commitment was not there until recently, it's important to note that Columbia DID try to hire Al Bagnoli sooner. It was 1989 to be exact, and he turned us down because he didn't think the administration was serious enough. It wasn't, but at least someone in the department at that time had good instincts. Two years later, Bagnoli did go to Penn and the rest is history.  


I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

That was about as deep as anything else Boomer ever says.

But I felt it was an excellent podcast. The guy doing them has himself gotten better and more incisive week after week. Could we try getting him to continue for what's sure to be a very interesting basketball season>

Big Dawg said...

And even if Bags had come here back then, he would have failed miserably. Because he was dead on about the Admin attitude. Who believes we hired an endless stream of lousy coaches? Not me. I think they walked into a deck stacked against them from day one. Only now are things different. Not saying we didn't have a couple of turkeys, but all those guys to suck so bad? I don't think so.

Coach said...

Big Dawg- exactly correct! But I will also say that they had a chance to hire some great coaches that wanted the job at Columbia, and didn't do so. Having said this, they have the right guy now to guide the administration to a winning program.
This league is all about administrative support.