Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weighting Game

The latest release from the athletic department says we’ll see an updated roster with updated player weights “late this week.” So it could be as soon as today, but more likely tomorrow.

I’m not sure if any or all of the other Ivy teams have updated their rosters completely, but here are the average weights for their offensive linemen

Brown: 267 lbs.

Cornell: 271 lbs.

Dartmouth: 282 lbs.

Harvard: 280 lbs.

Penn: 277 lbs.

Princeton: 284 lbs.

Yale: 272 lbs.

As it stands now on the non-updated roster, the average weight for Columbia O-linemen is 259 lbs.

So we’ll see if the Lions close that gap, that is if they want to.


oldlion said...

What are these averages? Do they represent the average weight of all OLs on the current roster of each Ivy team? And is that what you did to come up with the average of 250 for us?

Anonymous said...

You guys are great..
cheers Jon Harris

Anonymous said...

too bad speed, quickness can't be measured, as they're as important as weight

Anonymous said...

Paramus Catholic High School's line averages 265. Maybe we could borrow them?

Last year was embarrassing watching that O-Line. The Harvard and Brown games were very telling...

It's funny, when your O line is that bad, "homers" look for other intangibles to focus on. Pete's experiment failed! Just let them eat!

Anonymous said...

Homer says:
Hey New Jersey high school anonymous.
When you are not hanging out with the boys at the Paramus Catholic school, you must be kind of close with the CU coach to call him "Pete".
Anyway, the numbers which will tell us about the experiment will be wins vs loses and points scored. I may be wrong but I believe that we were last in scoring last year and the previous year when we had a very fat O line.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they do 20 yard shuttle runs?
A great test of short distance quickness. Fat vs skinny
Would test if this theory works.
Now is the time to see if coaches are reading the blog!

Anonymous said...

New weights are up.

Anonymous said...

If I were coach M, I would test the fat boys when they get to camp at their normal weight and than after they slim down. Then publish the results on the Lion site to shut up the light weight critics out there.